• Lisa Milton
    Talent on Demand resolved the most important problem of resources in the company. They found a senior expert in digital marketing to cover a talent need for 3 months. I was impressed by the level of the candidates that they offered me and and the agile process they have developed to identify consultants.  
    Lisa Milton
  • Alicia Tamayo

    TOD has helped my business and boost my marketing strategy by connecting me with a marketing specialist.

    Alicia Tamayo
    CEO and Founder of Lomas Toys
  • Rodolfo Andreu Valdes

    TOD has helped us approach experts in different areas who have helped us propel our growth giving us access to a Human Capital market that otherwise, would have been far from our reach.

    Rodolfo Andreu Valdes
    Co-founder Primus
Top talent

Immediate access to over 200 Top professionals with experience across multiple industries and skills sets.
Rigorous Process

Agile process to identify the best candidates with quick turn-arounds where introductions can start in as early as one week.
Tailor Made Solutions

We can structure the talent solution that best fits your need from part time, to project based to testing a new position.

Our experts

Our business partners
  • Sandra Morales
    Time has changed as well as the ways of working. TOD is part of the trends offering the best solution for talent as well as for companies.  
    Sandra Morales
    CEO Girl Power
  • Maralty Ramírez
    TOD is part of the future of work, as it allows us to leverage talent as well as maximize the benefit for companies. Specifically, is an excellent option for women that are looking for a balance between work and family to potentialize our talent; which in another way we will not be able to participate in the workforce in a rigid scheme.  
    Maralty Ramírez
    President and Co-founder, MBA Mujeres de México