5 February, 2019

The Future of Work at ITAM

5 February, 2019

Radio Anahuac: The Future of Work

4 February, 2019

Are We Ready For A Workforce That is 50% Freelance?

Forbes, Oct 17, 2017. If freelancing continues to grow at its current rate, the majority of U.S. workers will be freelancing by 2027, according to projections […]
21 January, 2019

FEM Work Panel: Launching a Start-up in Mexico March 2018

21 January, 2019

Because the future of work is flexible, and not just for Uber drivers.

By Jody Greenstone Miller The gig economy— from Uber drivers to Handy cleaners — is the latest way that those with low incomes are trying to make a […]
21 January, 2019

México tiene más de 13 millones de freelancers (sin espacio de trabajo)

Forbes, 29 de Agosto, 2016. Para 2020, 80% del tiempo de trabajo será en lugares no tradicionales como espacios compartidos, oficinas de clientes y proveedores, casas […]
11 January, 2019

Democratizing the Workforce 2.0 & How you can prepare for it.

By Monica French, CEO de TOD, Octubre 2018. Human Resources is struggling right now given the new workforce economy. The job market is hot, professionals are […]