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The future of work in numbers
In the U.S. there are over 57 million freelancers and in 2027 there will be more freelancers than full time employees (86 million vs 83 million) (UpWork survey).
Tech is enabling this movement with over 71% freelancers say getting their jobs online increased over the past year.
An estimated 47% of millennial workers do freelance, more than any other generation (UpWork survey).
51% of work activities in the U.S. are susceptible to automation with an estimated400 million to 800 million jobs to be displaced (McKinsey Global Initiative Report).
Alternative work models are the top #5 option that top companies are exploring given the talent gaps in the traditional workforce.

5 February, 2019

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Forbes, Oct 17, 2017. If freelancing continues to grow at its current rate, the majority of U.S. workers will be freelancing by 2027, according to projections […]